asked Dec 2, 2014 at 10:23pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP Digital Sender 9100C firmware update utility?

Not a printer but thought I'd ask since it's a JetAdmin-related question of sorts. I have an HP Digital Sender 9100C network scanner and am trying to upgrade the firmware on it. HP still has the FW upgrade file on their website, the instructions say to use some "Enterprise Center Version 4.0" tool that I can't find anywhere to do the update. The admin guide for the digital sender claims that JetAdmin can do the update but while the latest Web JetAdmin recognizes the 9100C it does not recognize the firmware update file (It's a GZIPed TAR file, not a .rfu).

Do I need an older version of JetAdmin? If so, where on earth can I find it and what OS would it run on? I can throw Windows 2000 or NT 4 in a VM if necessary. If I can't figure something out I'm tempted to try pulling the thing's hard drive, making a backup, and seeing if I can figure out how to just manually copy the files over.