asked Oct 17, 2014 at 6:29pm
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

re: photosmart plus printer not talking to laptop

This is about a HP photosmart plus printer/copper/scanner.
1st off I am running Win7 home 32bit. The printer will copy pages from the built in scanner and print them just fine and the printers self test reports everything is fine. For some time now I have been having a problem with any computer seeing the printer via the USB cable. I would do a clean install from the cd and the printer work fine untill 1 or more of the following things happened. The laptop was turned off or rebooted, the usb cable was unpluged or the printer went into standby mode. At that point Windows keeps reporting that the printer is off line. I tried rebooting the laptop and the printer. I tested the USB cable, the cable is fine. So I completly uninstall everything for the printer and do a clean install again. And again the printer is fine untill the laptop is rebooted, or the USB cable is unpluged or the printer goes into standby mode and again Windows doesn't see the printer. The wireless connection to the printer was working just fine so I didn't worry about the USB cable problem untill we lost Charter ISP (the printer wireless connection was through Charters router in my home). I have the ISP back up now. But the printer won't connect to the laptop on the wireless connection now ether. Do I need a new printer or what?


This is happening to me. I am using this printer that I bought just 5 days before. I am not satisfied with this model. If anyone can help me then please let me suggest which printer will work best. I have seen lots of printer but i didn't get the best as per my requirement. I need printer that can print in multicolors and could connect it to several computers.

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