asked Sep 17, 2014 at 11:13am
Hp HP LaserJet 6L


I have an HP 6L printer I recently replaced the separator pad on, along with the roller pickup and 2 sub pads. This fixed the multiple paper feeding but now it's almost like the fit for the paper is too tight. When it picks up the paper it makes small wrinkles, less than an inch in length at the point of pickup and sometimes will cause the paper to jam.

It did this with the old roller pickup and the new one, I can't seem to figure out the issue and was wondering if anyone has seen this?

haven't worked on these machines for a while now, but see if this is your problem. on the pick up roller assembly there's 2 black plastic arms. the top of these arms should be mounted/slot onto the edge of the metal plate at the top so that the arms wouldn't move. if yours are moving that could be where your problem is.
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The pick up roller can be installed 180 degrees off. Take the pick up assembly out and rotate the pick up roller 180 degrees and re-assemble. If you have done it correctly, the paper will slide into the top of the machine without forcing it in.
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Finally got the time to work on the printer and when I dissembled it, I discovered that one of the white roller wheels next to the pick up roller didn't move freely, so I shaved it out a little so that it moved freely. I had noticed the paper would go in crooked and I am only guessing that this caused that.

Also, I did as sue suggested and rotated the pick up roller 180 degrees. The printer seems to be printing with no issues now.
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