asked Sep 4, 2014 at 7:23pm
Epson Epson LQ 800

Artisan 800 working thanks to

When I got the message my ink pad life had come to an end I was angry upset and got very angry. More angry when I cleaned the pads, called Epson found out the code they gave me would not set the counter back to 0 would only allow me to print maybe 10 pages. I was told by Epson I would have to take it to a service center n they would us the code after they checked it out which would cost about $150 to $200.00 I told her no way why can't she give me the code. She said we can mail you a coupon for free ink when you buy your new Epson printer. I told her hell no! I would write the Corp office. And why don't they have on printers Disposable, she said we would not sell any. I asked why do there software stop the scanner, fax etc. Claim for our protection no it's for them to make money. I found a site and it only cost me 8.50 U.S. Dollars for a program to reset it back to 0. David Levi was very helpful and my artisan 800 is up n running good. If anyone needs this program here's the web site. if I could give his site 100 stars I would. I'm so happy my artisan 800 is working 100\%