asked Aug 16, 2014 at 11:48am
Canon Canon Pixma MP600

Canon MP600 prints text every 2.5 lines (black)

My printer now prints every 2.5 lines, leaving a blank band of about an inch or so between the printed lines. This happens when printing text in black. Color prints fine; if I change the font to a color, the text prints perfectly. I cleaned the head and replaced the black cartidge, but it makes no difference. Any suggestions? UGH! Thank you ~
Try this!!!
1)Open your printer in the Change Cartridge position
2) Remove ALL the Ink Tanks
3) Pull up the Print Head Lever to remove the Print Head
4) Inspect the print head, and clean it with a tissue of paper with some hot water - If avaiable add some ammonia
5) Reinstall the Print Head and the ink Tanks, and do a cleaning cycle and a print test

OPTIONAL 6) If the printer Still doesn't work, pull out the cartridges and the print head Again
7) Go in your bathroom and open full jet Hot water
8) Leave the jet of hot water on the printhead, and on the cartridges sockets of the printhead. The most important is to leave the printhead here up to when is has no ink inside and doing this the ink doesnt flow
9) Reinstall the print head and the cartridges, Then do a Deep Cleaning Cycle

If it doesn't work, unfortunately you maybe have to pump the clogged ink out placing on the bottom of the print head a Tissue of Paper then pump the printhead with a normal Vacuum

Hope the best.
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