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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R1900

Epson R1900: no ink while printing.

Hi, I am hoping someone has an answer for me. Getting desperate. I bought a used R1900 with clogged up print head. Spent days letting it sit in 'bullet' soaked kitchen towel and gradually (with a syringe) pushed print head cleaner through the nozzles. Eventually had success. This lasted about 20 A4 prints. Without warning, it behaves and sounds as though it is printing, but nothing is printing on the paper. I have tried the cleaning cycle from my PC, with no luck. It just 'prints' blank paper. I did have a CIS system on it, which I have removed in case that was clogging it. I have read that the purge tubes may be blocked. I took the side off the printer and disconnected them from the pads and pumped warm clean water back through them into the 'park pads'. No luck. I thought it may be interfering with the 'start up' where it purges the system. I should add that I suspect this printer was bought new, had a problem and was returned to the supplier and has been stored in a warehouse somewhere for years, as the printer, accessories, inks etc when I bought it looked new. The inks were fitted, but we're left in the machine and stored I suspect. Is it possibly software related? Not sure. If anyone can help, I would be eternally grateful. Thanks very much.
Hi, try this :D
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