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Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP Laserjet 4100 MFP HAnging/freezing

Hey all. There was another thread for the 4100, but I think someone closed it. It was old but still informative. (personally I love the really long threads here because they allow you to read a history of the faults on some machines, which has been very handy for me over the years).

Anyways, we have sold plenty of HP Laserjet 4100 MFPs over the years. We even have one we use here in our shop.
Over the last two years, a couple of customers have had a hanging issue with their machine, and just this month another customer has started having the same issue. In fact, now our own machine is starting to hang as well.

This can happen during copying or printing. We have tried substituting the formatter board, the network card, the memory, the hard drive. For two of our customers we have had to replace the machine with a different model. We have had various techs work on them, and none of them can locate the fault. There are no error messages or anything, just a frozen machine that will work again once you cycle the power.

Of course, we have done all the usual cleaning and inspecting the harnesses. We hate to replace these machines because they are really a workhourse and have never been a problem to service until this particular fault showed up.

If anyone has had experience with this mystery freezing on this model I would appreciate hearing any advice you can supply.
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