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I have a question for the brilliant folks here: I have a customer with an HP P3015 on a network. Periodically, when printing, the document fails to print in a timely manner and doesn't show in the print que. A full power cycle usually restores the printer and things work normally.

About 2 weeks ago, this printer and another printer, HP Laserjet 600 M601 did the same thing. Power cycled both and they started working. The two printers are in different parts of the building but both go to the same server via a switch. I'm not even sure if they are on the same switch.

I believe that it is a network problem but our network engineer doesn't seem to think so. To him, the fact that two different printers exhibited the same behavior on the same day is merely a coincidence.

Is there a way to test my theory? The problem seems to be intermittent. The other printer has not repeated since my last visit.
if you can get an internal test page from the printer, its the network. It could be a address problem (note I did not write issue)
IT/network engineer (I love that title) people sometimes have an ego problem.
Print a config page, take a look at the IP address! It could be the network card. In any case, work backwards from the printer.
If you right, have the network ego;s buy you a beer or coffee.
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this is not uncommon in certain networked environments with HP printers. the problem is external to the printer, so you can say it's the network. the fact that the print job disappears should indicate to the clueless net engineer where the problem is.
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Try different drivers after checking the drivers memory against the printer's memory to see if they are different. (Make sure the drivers ARE FROM HP!!!)

To do this, print a config page from the printer and compare that memory amount to the driver memory amount.

I have seen all sorts of problems if the two amounts do not match.

To complicate the issue, I have noticed that newer versions of windows... windows 7 and up, may not have a matching printer memory amount selection.!!???

Also, I have had issues with bad power...

I had an M602 that did strange things that I definitely attributed to having voltage between ground and neutral (which should be about zero volts).

Finally, try doing a firmware upgrade.

If your system does automatic Adobe updates, the new version of acrobat reader may not be able to process PDF files as efficiently as it did before the update/new version of AR was loaded.

This has been a phantom issue for me for years and I really can't say for sure if I am on the right track here.

After 30 years of HP LaserJet printer repair, I can tell you that as far as updates go, I do not do them under any circumstances... unless I have an issue I cannot resolve any other way.

My advice:

Do not fix anything that is not broken!

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