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Hp HP LaserJet 4

LJ4+ duplexer, hldg tray mtr groaning, LUBE IT??

Issue: LJ4+(C3157A)duplexer, hldg tray mtr groaning, LUBE IT???

My trusty LaserJet 4+ duplexer has developed a new issue, one of the holding tray motors that move the paper through the tray has started to “groan” intermittently. Since this appeared recently after moving to a new location, it seemed prudent to try to remedy the problem. When fans in a computer's PSU or CPU cooler lose lubrication, it is a “piece of cake” to put a couple of drops of light oil in them and they are good for another fifty thousand miles or so. After dis-assembly the plastic left side cover, I pin-pointed the offending motor, I could see the rotating shaft and immediately thought why not a droop or two of oil on the shaft, but ten thought want about the other inner end? Looking at the parts diagram in the appendix of the Printer Service manual, it appears that a gear in on the inner shaft and might be an issue if I tried to oil that area. Since I know HP is quite picky about lubrication of printer, my third thought was to ask for advice from someone familiar with the innards of this duplexer.

FYI: the motor is marked in three lines of printing as follows: Brother RH7-1232, BP484223LM29, 40914 and is HP part # RF1-3804

My questions are:
1. Is this motor re-lubable, if so, what sort of lube oil, sewing machine (3 in 1) oil or something else?
2. If not re-lubable, what are my options, beside letting it grind itself to death...?
3. On a slightly different tack, does anyone know of a source of reasonably priced roller kits for this duplexer?
For mysterious reasons, the groaning has disappeared and so no help is needed!
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