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Hp HP Color LaserJet 3700DN

hp3700dn printer error 59.99

I've got an old HP3700dn laser printer purchased 7/2004. It has recently starting throwing printer error 59.99. The display tells me to shut it off, and turn it on again, but that doesn't seem to clear the error. I've been through a lot of google links trying to get a fix. I have gone through the component test menu on the printer, and I am able to get the pick up / drive assembly to load paper from tray 2. I can get it to print a page or two, but then it goes back to the print error 59.99 message.
1.Fuser seated improperly. Reseat the fuser.

NOTE: You may hear grinding sounds from the right, rear of the printer associated with this specific failure also.

2.Faulty secondary transfer engagement sensor. Replace the secondary transfer engagement sensor. (PS16, part of paper pickup/feed assembly)

3.Faulty secondary transfer engaging solenoid. Replace the secondary transfer engaging solenoid. (SL4, part of paper pickup/feed assembly)

4.Faulty feed motor. Replace the feed motor. (M1)

5.Faulty DC controller PCB. Replace the DC controller PCB.

If the problem is with the paper pickup/feed assembly you may want to junk the printer as very difficult to replace the feed assembly and the printer is just not worth it. Do a google search for the service manual for the printer and you will see what I mean.

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Thanks for the reply. I have a copy of the service manual. I have tried to re-seat the fuser several times, but no dice. There is no grinding sound coming from the right rear of the printer. I have been able to successfully get the printer to do a component test, and test out the feed motor. It will pick up paper from tray 2, and feed it into the printer. It looks like in order to clean/check PS16, I need to pull the pickup/feed assembly. It looks like removing the pickup/feed assembly is difficult, but I think that I will give that a try. Can't make things any worse as the printer doesn't work now as is. I've priced refurbished pickup/feed assemblies, and they are running around $300. Thanks for taking the time to post some things to check. - propman07
I've fixed several of them at no cost except for a small piece of felt of which I have hundreds of feet. Here is the procedure.
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Hi- I saw that...but I wasn't sure what you took apart. I'm assuming that you took apart the pickup/drive assembly, and installed the felt on solenoid #2. Is that correct? If so, where did you pick up the felt at? Is it anything special?? Thanks. - propman07
It's the one at the back of the assembly. For whatever reason, HP (Canon) used a different type of sponge on the front solenoid. That one doesn't deteriorate. What possessed them to use the crappy kind on the back one is a mystery to me. I have a 100 ft. roll of felt and have gone through several rolls repairing thousands of solenoids. You have to use a thin sticky backed felt. I fixed a Brother last week with a Print Unable 32 error, which is their version of the 59.99 error. They must buy their solenoids at the same place.
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I'm working on taking the printer apart. I removed what I thought was the correct solenoid (SL2) in the service manual. The felt/foam on it looks okay to me. This solenoid is called the Tray 2 pick-up solenoid, SL2 in figure 6-88 of the service manual. Here is a picture of the solenoid removed from the printer.

In looking into the printer, I can see another solenoid that looks like the foam is missing from it. I believe that it is SL4. I'm going to see if I can get a better look at that one.

Thanks again for your help. - propman07
It's been awhile since I did the last one. All the solenoids look alike, so pics don't help. I remember that the ones that had the white foam on them were good. The one that was bad was the one with the black foam. You can manually actuate them and see if they stick. The only thing I really remember was the solenoid in question was the one at the lower rear portion of the assembly. I don't remember what happened to the pages I printed out. dmz in his post above identified it as SL4, secondary transfer engaging solenoid
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Thanks for the reply. I was able to remove SL1, SL2, and SL4. Two of the three solenoids had the black foam on them, so I replaced that foam with a small piece of weather stripping foam. This gave me about 1/16" of foam under the arm of the solenoid. I checked them with no power applied to the solenoid, and they appeared to move freely. I put everything back together, and was able to print a few test pages. I thought that I was done, but the first non-test page that I tried to print, the error code 59.99 appeared on the display. I was able to print out the error codes, and the one that it started throwing was 59.99.00, T2 CLUTCH ERROR. I think that I'm about ready to throw in the towel, and buy a new printer.

Thanks for all of the suggestions. - propman07