asked Apr 11, 2014 at 8:10am
Hp HP LaserJet 2100

Hp PSC 2100 Black Ink Cartridge

Hello there, I don't know if anyone even still monitors for these posts, but I've got a bit of a problem and really need help! The answers I've seen here are all for other difficulties with the HP PSC 2100 3 in 1 printer, so here's mine:

The black ink cartridge, # 56, ran out and we purchased a replacement. When my sister removed the spent cartridge, something cracked, and we aren't sure if it was the mount for the new cartridge. A small (about 2" x 1") piece of black plastic fell out and it had black ink smeared on it. We then tried inserting the new cartridge, and it won't stay snug in its slot. The printer keeps giving us the message "Insert Right Cartridge". Have we messed the whole works up? Should we just give this up as a bad job and buy a new printer?

I'd appreciate any advice/help/suggestions.

Thank you!