asked Feb 8, 2014 at 9:44am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 4L front manual page feed problem

I posted this question 4 years ago regarding a previous 4L that I owned that exhibited this same problem, and never received a reply to my post. Maybe someone has some information now.

When starting a fresh print job, and feeding a page manually into the front slot, my 4L is stopping.

When you start to push the paper in, it grabs the page and feeds it a few millimeters like it normally does. But when you start the print job, you hear the machine firing up, and the page starts to move just a hair then it quits and flashes the red light.

If you pull the page out, open/close the lid, the printer resets. You push the page in, and MAYBE it will work or the process may repeat itself, and you need to try a 3rd or 4th time before the manual page will work properly. Tray pages feed properly.

I have tried to give the machine a good blowing out with an air compressor, just in case a sensor was dusty. No luck.

I can say that I am operating the printer in somewhat cold room, approx 45 to 55 degrees. Subsequent print jobs seem to feed OK as long as the printer is warm, but I seldom print more than one job at a time, so this observation may be misleading.

Any ideas? Could this be a room temp issue? Or is there is a weak capacitor, or dirty sensor, or misadjusted control?

Thanks for your help.
That model was never that good on manual feed. It uses this big wheel and the surface doesn't have that much grip on it. It could be dusty and slipping. If you take off the plastic plate above it, you can see it better. There's one screw on the left and then you wiggle it and it will come up and out of the printer.
by moe on Feb 8, 2014 at 11:09am Add comment
Hi Moe, thanks for the reply. I will check that out.

I was wondering your opinion about the cold room temp. I have only noticed this problem -- which I have experienced on 2 different 4L units -- when the room was cold. ~Could~ it be that the machine (possibly the fuser) is not warm enough and the printer is stopping for a reason not related to the front page feeder?

In other words, do you know of some kind of temp sensor that exists?

Because in warm weather, I have not noticed any issues at all with that front manual feeder.
by shhbah on Feb 8, 2014 at 2:57pm Add comment
Living in So Cal, if those were outside temps, they would be considered "freezing". The only time I've encountered inside temps that cold was walking through the walk-in freezer at the Costco Business center wearing the parka provided.
The fuser has a thermal sensor that measures the temperature of the fuser, but it wouldn't be affected by outside temperatures. If it were, it would give a hard fail by putting all the lights on. I really can't diagnose why it works well in warm temperatures since even with no heat on at night, it never falls below 60 inside.
I would invest in a portable heater or move to So Cal. Here at the beach it rarely goes below 60 or above 80. The only snow we see is on TV.
by moe on Feb 8, 2014 at 6:45pm Add comment
SOLVED: problem was sticking relay. Somehow it got sticky again or I did not clean it thoroughly the last time I was inside the printer.

I cleaned it very good this time, and manual page feeds are reliable now.

So I can return the portable heater!
by shhbah on Feb 20, 2014 at 12:54pm Add comment