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HP Officejet 8600 Pro "noise" & "problem with..."

I'm looking for guidance with my HP 8600 Pro, This morning my daughter said it wasn't working. After looking at it, it seems the "charging pump" sound isn't happening anymore when I restart it or try to do a "cleaning". It displays "There is a problem with printer or ink system."

I'm wondering if replacing the printer head for $120 is the repair for this failure? I've taken the head out but for the life of me, I can't seem to figure out how they would have put this little noisy pump in it. I'm thinking that it's inside the printer somewhere else and if that's the case, maybe it's beyond repair?

So sad, just looked up and found the purchase receipt... Aug 13, 2012. That's less than 5 months past the 1 year warranty. However, I will say that this is the first problem we have experienced with it, and have always used the HP cartridges for it.

Any guidance, suggestions, or helpful tips are greatly appreciated! Looks like a wonderful forum for learning the latest and greatest about printers. Looking forward to reading up!

Thanks in advance everyone!
The pump motor is part of the assembly the ink cartridges plug into.

HP does not sell many parts for any of the newer inkjets, so I'd start lookin for a replacement machine.
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