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Epson XP600 Paper Jam

Hi All,
I am not sure if I am in the right forum and I am sure someone will put me right on this, thank's
With an Epson XP600 Paper jam problem. Been working on this for about 3 months now.
I have an EPSON XP600 all in one printer running on Windows 7.
It is giving me a constant problem with a paper jam error when I change the Printer Preferences from Text & Image to Photo or Best Photo.
It prints Text & Photo or lower quality OK but any settings above Text & Image always result in a paper Jam. I have tried various quality and thicknesses of paper with no success.
The problem seems to be as follows :- Normal paper feed when printer is set to Text & Image paper is fed through to approx. 45mm with no reverse feed, and prints just fine.
When the printer preference settings are set to Photo or Best Photo the paper feeds through to approx. 20/25mm and then it reverse feeds which results in a paper jam. A paper feed test has been done and there are no problems there, I have checked the Duplex unit and all is in good order or as it should be.
I have to say Epson are not very helpful with this problem they only suggest solving the problem by the user manual, none of their fault find finding tips work.
If anyone is up to speed with the Epson Adj program, I also have the info on the problems/errors when this has been run to adjust settings.
The printer is out of warranty so a service is out of the question.
I do have a lot more info, too much to post, BUT should anyone require it, please ask it might just HELP.
All input, help or advice would be most well come.
Regards, Russ
this is my problem EXACTLY, this happened after updating the firmware via windows update. i have exact same issue, and it is frustrating, Epson customer service is totally useless.
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Hi Olivertan,

Thank's for your message, that is interesting. Please stay with me on this one. We might be able to assort this together??

Are you getting any ERROR codes apart from the paper jam Error??
I am NOT, no errors showing at all.

Can you please tell me what happens when you change the paper size to A5 or smaller, also what happens when you change the printer preferences to Photo and print on plain paper?? I also get a paper jam when I up anything like this, that also happens when I run copy and change the setting to best, paper jam.

I have never updated the firmware on my XP600. (how do you do that)??

At the moment I am reassembling the printer after checking out the PW sensor, to do this it's a major strip down.
I have also checked the other SENSORS, ASF PE sensor, PE sensor, PF encoder sensor, and the PW sensor.
The only one that looks as though might have a problem is the PW sensor, this one was flooded with ink I only found this out after removal of the print head (it is housed under the print head).
I also get the paper jam error when I run the Epson Adjustment program (only certain selected parts) I also receive an (Error mea_2 Error mea_2 value =0) when running the Bi-D adjustment in the ADJ program.
I have no Idea what this error is and unable to find an answer to it on the net.
ONE of the biggest problems is where to buy spare sensors and spare parts. ANY IDEAS????
You are dead right Epson Useless regarding HELP. The answer I receive was send it to an Epson service centre.

I hope this might help a little, and sorry I don't have an answer yet.
If you need any further info,Please let me know and I will try to help.

- unknown
I have an Epson Workforce 615. Whenever I manage to jam the printer, the jam message will not clear even after clearing out the jam and power cycling the printer. I tried unplugging the power cord and pressing the power button a couple of times to flush out any stored power, sliding the print carriage to the left out of home position, then powering it back on, but nothing seemed to clear the jam error. I looked for the white post referred to in other postings, but couldn't find one.

I tried one last thing, before just buying a new printer. With the power off, the cord unplugged, pressed the power button twice, and slid the printer carriage out of home position to the RIGHT of the home position. after reconnecting the power cord and pressing the power ON button, the error message cleared after the printhead re-homed.

The first printout was real faint and variable.

I then had to perform maintenance on the printer: cleaned the printhead, aligned the printhead, cleaned the nozzles.

Printer works fine now.
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Check the message I posted today. You might try what I did.
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Thank you for you input it is very much appreciated.
My paper jam is not the same as yours, mine only happens when I change the print quality settings or run the Adj program and input setting into the various adjustment sections of the program.

I will still give your remedy a try. Thank you.

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Try this:
power down the printer
unplug power cord from back of printer
Press and hold the power button twice
Open the printer to access the print cartridge carriage (which should be in HOME position
push the cartridge carriage to the RIGHT as far as it goes (gently)
Close lid, plug power cord back in
Press power button to turn on printer
Perform printer maintenance if necessary (align printhead, clean printhead, clean print nozzles)

This cleared the error message for me on a Workforce 615 printer
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Thank you for that info and input much appreciated.

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hi Russ .did u find solution for ur problem?? i have the same problem ,how did u fix ur printer ..will be glad if u write me on email [email protected]

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hi Russ .did u find solution for ur problem?? i have the same problem ,how did u fix ur printer ..will be glad if u write me on email [email protected]

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I have same problem with epson wf3520. If anyone solve this it would be very thankful. Please send me ur reply on [email protected] If u want any other information please let me know
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  1. Me also same problem if i try to print anything above text and image, please email me at [email protected]
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this is my problem EXACTLY

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