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Epson XP600 Paper Jam

Hi All,
I am not sure if I am in the right forum and I am sure someone will put me right on this, thank's
With an Epson XP600 Paper jam problem. Been working on this for about 3 months now.
I have an EPSON XP600 all in one printer running on Windows 7.
It is giving me a constant problem with a paper jam error when I change the Printer Preferences from Text & Image to Photo or Best Photo.
It prints Text & Photo or lower quality OK but any settings above Text & Image always result in a paper Jam. I have tried various quality and thicknesses of paper with no success.
The problem seems to be as follows :- Normal paper feed when printer is set to Text & Image paper is fed through to approx. 45mm with no reverse feed, and prints just fine.
When the printer preference settings are set to Photo or Best Photo the paper feeds through to approx. 20/25mm and then it reverse feeds which results in a paper jam. A paper feed test has been done and there are no problems there, I have checked the Duplex unit and all is in good order or as it should be.
I have to say Epson are not very helpful with this problem they only suggest solving the problem by the user manual, none of their fault find finding tips work.
If anyone is up to speed with the Epson Adj program, I also have the info on the problems/errors when this has been run to adjust settings.
The printer is out of warranty so a service is out of the question.
I do have a lot more info, too much to post, BUT should anyone require it, please ask it might just HELP.
All input, help or advice would be most well come.
Regards, Russ
If it works with plain paper on text and photo best then it is the paper. Epson's used to take any type of paper but now even with Epson branded paper you can have issues.
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Thank you for your input but the printer also has the same problem when I change the paper size, I have also tried various qualities of paper with no change. also the printer will not print in photo on photo paper. Again many thank's for your input.
I have a feeling it could be the PW sensor or one of the PCB's.
Unable to find any of these spares on the net ANY IDEAS PLEASE.

Russ. - unknown

Hi there! I have exactly the same problem with my Epson XP-620. Have you found thr way to fix it yet?

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