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asked Jan 13, 2014 at 3:11am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

epson stylus colour 3000

I have been using this machine for over 12 years, but left it standing unused for last 3 years.
Have been trying to resurect it using various cleaning fluids and following the tips here.
Finally managed to get a full flow through the cyan magenta and yellow heads which were completely blocked. But on first A4 print the type start on first line OK but gradually fades away to no colours at foot of page? (using best best quality settings through an original epson postscript rip).

Because this is such a rapid fall-off I suspect it is an air lock, anyone know how to solve this. I will read the service manual as I recall it mentions something lik this... but any first hand help would be appreciated.

Another follow-up question I have this running on a very old Mac G3 os 9.2.2 with 512 mb memory,
using a serial printer cable. I would prefer to run it on latest Macbook pro with Mavericks operating system with 8 gb memory. The printer only has serial or RS22 cable input, I believe there used to be a usb input card which would enable its use on later Macs. I also wondered if its possible to get a parallel/usb cable if such a thing exists, and if this would work with this printer??? any link to suppliers of the relevant card/cable would be useful.

Thanks in advance for any help

You can print with Apple Talk over an ethernet cable

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