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Hp HP DeskJet Plus

hp laserjet 4 plus

I have an hp laserjet 4 plus with a couple of issues.

I bought a new printer cartridge off of ebay a few years back (BetterType). I didn't realize it would be 3-4 years until I would need it (bought printer at a garage sale, it came with an office depot cartridge. I assumed it was nearly empty).

Anyway when I finally ran out of toner and popped the BetterType cartridge in and printed, there was a grey shadow along nearly half of the page. This continued as I printed more.

I tried a few things. (cleaning, readjusting) Nothing worked. When I put the old office depot cartridge back in, the shadow went away. I guessed that this was just a bad cartridge and bought another off of e-bay. This time I was sure to buy an HP cartridge. It was new old stock (old new stock?). I pulled the tab (I forgot to rock it back and forth, whoops!) and put it in.

The first page I printed was fine. The second and third and so on and so forth (I printed an 11 page job) were progressively more and more covered in toner (front and globs of toner on the back of each sheet). I cleaned up the printer and found that there was toner everywhere. More importantly, toner came fairly freely out of one corner of the cartridge when shaken. Not sure how I did it, but I think I got another bad cartridge.

I put the original office depot toner cartridge back in and have been using it for the past month. Along with being very low on ink, it has now begun to have a grey shadow along different parts of the page.

Could it be time to replace/repair part of my printer, if so, what part? And, could it be that the BetterType cartridge is just fine, and this is the printers issue?

And another question.

When this printer was purchased, it would accordian the ends of my pages and cause a paper jam every now and then. I sanded the rollers (exit rollers?) and it was fine for a couple of years. I did this once or twice and its starting to do this again. If I were to want to fix this permanently, what part would I replace/repair?

I have no problem tearing this thing apart. Just looking for guidance and starting to think about overhauling the whole thing. Is there a video for that?
The drum wiper blades went bad. They will deteriorate in spite of being in a sealed box. They are easily replaceable. To fix the accordion jamming, you can use this kit
If you want to order replacement drum wiper blades, you can request them in the notes field of the order process. If you're not going to use up the toner in a year or two, you shouldn't order more than 1 at a time as they will deteriorate sitting on the shelf.
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