asked Dec 17, 2013 at 10:51am
Hp HP LaserJet 2100

HP 2100 stuck in manual feed

My HP 2100 is stuck in manual feed. Have tried the shut off and hold job cancel button but to no avail. The motor does circulate when lifting and closing the toner door. Above the paper tray a tab arm appears to be staying in the down position such that when removing the paper tray, the arm catches the paper as the drawer is slid outward. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.
At the back of the MF tray, just to the right of center, you will see a black plastic arm sticking up. The paper pushes it down to tell the printer the tray has paper in it. There is a spring to push it back up. If it's down, then pry it up and gently wiggle it and exercise it a few times to get it to stay up.
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Thank you. That black plastic arm in the manual feed appears to be operating correctly. The spring ends are in place and functioning I believe correctly whereby the arm springs back to its outward position ready to be pushed down by manual feed inserted paper. Indeed, when pushing the arm in with paper, the red light at the triangle indicator turns to green and the manual feed operates. However the problem is that with no manual feed paper in place, the red light is on and the printer will not operate from the auto bottom tray. I stand ready to further clarify, test, and provide any specifics you may request or suggest. Thank you.
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Somehow it got set to Manual Tray first. What you need to do is to reset it to Factory Default Settings.

1. Power off the printer. Wait ten seconds.

2. Holding down the 'Job Cancel' button (the small button on top of the printer), power up the printer.

3. Continue holding down Job Cancel until all three of the indicator lights come on and stay on (about 10 seconds), then release the button.

4. Wait about 10 more seconds. The lights will start cycling, then the printer will stabilize in 'online' mode.
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Try what moe suggest to do.

Just a thought moe: Could it be possible that tray 2 has a sensor flag that hangs down and senses how much paper is in tray 2. This sensor should not hang on the paper when tray 2 is removed - if it does it has become out of alignment and needs to be realigned so that the tray can properly sense the paper level it gives that error on the 2200.
Also, have had the paper stop at the back of tray 2 not being against the paper in the tray only allow manual feed from tray 1.

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Fixed! Thank you. The issue was the lower paper tray back stop being extended one notch beyond the actual loaded paper size. The paper in the tray is Letter where as the tray was set at A4.

Your last line of advice about the paper tray was the tip off.

Your generosity of expertise and advice saved this community nonprofit considerable expense.

Thank you!
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