asked Dec 16, 2013 at 12:13am
Epson Epson LQ 800

Epson Artisan 800 Head Cleaning problem

I've been unable to restore full printing since I let my black cartridge run dry. All the colors have corrected but Magenta. I've 1)repeated Head Cleaning cycles; 2) wiped the bottom of the print head with a paper towel wet with water several times (per YouTube instructions); 3) purged several times with a full page of magenta (starts with near-solid red, then quickly turns to yellow streaks); 4) withdrawn magenta from the port at the bottom of the cartridge to be certain nothing is plugged; 5) run five Head Cleaning cycles with the "PrintPayLess" Cleaning Solution (I changed to their CISS system just after the black cartridge ran dry). I can see by watching the levels in the CISS reservoirs that the Magenta is hardly being used at all. I get periodic messages: "The Print Head cannot be cleaned completely with Auto Head maintenance. See your documentation." Do I have a dirty head? a damaged head? a defective cartridge or clogged line to it? a defective chip? Would it help (and be safe) to use rubbing alcohol on the paper towel to wipe the surface of the print head? Try another Cleaning Solution? (I can't find out the ingredients of this one, so don't know if another seller's product would be the same or different.) Thanks for your ideas!
kayn...Sounds like ink starvation in the magenta line. Remove the CIS system and test the unit with individual cartridges. Hope this helps.
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