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Epson Epson WorkForce WF-2530

Epson printer says new ink cartridges are empty

Hello all,

I just bought an Epson WF-2530 off Craigslist. I bought brand new Epson brand ink cartridges for it, and it worked fine last night, except for some lines on images for which I cleaned the print heads a few times. Then all of a sudden this morning it reported the cyan cartridge as empty and wouldn't print. I went out and bought a new cyan cartridge and now it says magenta and yellow are empty, and black is low! I've tried everything I've seen online: cleaning the chip contacts, reseating the cartridges, shaking them, power-cycling the printer, turning the printer on with on cartridges installed... This is really irritating! These are brand-new Epson cartridges, not refilled or anything. Any help is much appreciated.

Did you purchase the standard (165-175 page yield) cartridges or the high capacity (450-500 page yield) cartridges? Cleaning uses a LOT of ink. It does not seem out of the question that you would be out of ink if you did purchase the standard capacity ink cartridges.
Epson uses a chip to monitor ink levels so if you purchased Epson brand cartridges, then I would believe that the cartridges are giving you an accurate level. No other option other than to purchase another set of inks. Get the high capacity cartridges.
Good luck.
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