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asked Nov 14, 2013 at 6:40pm
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Epson Printers (R280 & A50) with heavy paper issue


I have an odd problem that perhaps comes from heavy use of the printer(s) with heavy weight paper.

I do a lot of repetitive/high volume printing with Staples brand heavy Matte & Heavy Gloss paper. (Both are double-sided paper). I use several Epson R280 and A50 printers with continuous ink feeders, and they get a LOT of use. (Both are essentially the same machine; the A50 has a newer caes, updated driver, etc.)

Here is the problem: After a lot of use, both models start to have problems feeding the Heavy Weight Matte Paper. The paper doesn't get stuck per se; it just won't load, and after two tries by the printer to ingest it, I get a red light on the paper feed indicator. I then have to hit the paper feed button & manually guide the paper down with a little force to feed it into the printer to get it started.

I have tried the "Fixya" roller cleaner, which sometimes helps for a while, and I have also tried regular alcohol. I treat both the rubber roller and the facing (rubber?) guide that grabs the top of the paper. Either treatment seems to be only marginally effective. I have even used an emery board (Nail file) to rough up the surface of the roller, but it's very difficult even working in such a tight area, and I'm not sure this is the actual problem.

Also, for some reason, the Glossy Paper tends to work better - for at least a while. (Go figure; you'd think the material for the gloss would make it more slippery & difficult to grab...)

I'm thinking it may be more than just the rubber roller....something else seems to be stopping the paper from dropping into the roller's grasp area in the first place; once I "guide" it down to the roller to grab it, it's ok.

Any other tips or tricks that long-time owners can offer? I'd hate to replace the machine(s) and I suspect it's only going to happen again with new machines after prolonged use.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
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