asked Dec 29, 2002 at 7:29pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4M

HP 4M Laserjet Error code

Since my HP 5P is printing stripes a friend gave me an HP 4M, which also turns out to be dead. It's displaying a "62.1" error code upon bootup. Your error code site states that this means"
"1. Improperly seated SIMMs or font cartridge - remove, check and clean the contacts, re-install and try again.
"2. Defective Internal Memory - Replace the Formatter PCA."
I tried removing the SIMMS (there are three), but even with one of them (any one) installed, I get the same error. Does this eliminate everything but the "Formatter PCA" or are there other possibilities?
If the Formatter PCA is the problem, is it worth replacing or is this part too expensive to make repairs practical?
Did you remove all SIMM and test the printer and got the same error? The printer comes with two MB internal memory on the PCA. Try to use a can of compress are and see if you could clean the contacts on the PCA board.

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I tried that and got an "error 50" code. I assumed that meant no internal memory?
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I removed the fuser assembly and found no continuity at either of the test points indicated on your troubleshooting page. I guess that tells me something, doesn't it?
The metal roller on the fuser assembly shows some rust on one side. Is that fatal?
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Error 50 indicates your Fuser Assembly is bad. Not because there is no memory. The printer comes with two MB onboard.

As you have already done. You could not get any reading on your Fuser. Most likely you have a burnt out lamp like the repair kit from this site said. You need to order a replacement part for your Fuser Assembly. I'm a Techie not associated with this Site but I really like what I see here.


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I've installed new memory from Edge into a 4M that previously had a postscript simm and a 4 MB I get an error code 53.01.01 and ideas?

I've tried with and without the 4mb board and with and without the postscript board, but it always faults when one of the new boards is in...

the new memory I bought is HP OEM C2066A

I'd appreciate any wisdom you have....


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It's the right memory, don't know why it doesn't work. The error code means it doesn't like that SIMM. About the only thing to try would be to install it in another 4 and make sure you didn't get bad memory. I can't remember ever seeing the formatter board it plugs into being responsible and it does like the 4mb SIMM. It shouldn't make a difference that the SIMM is 8mb or 4mb as to recognizing it. It almost has to be bad memory or maybe they mislabeled it?
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Thanks for the input. We're contacting them to see if it's mislabeled or just a bad batch...hoped it was something simple...thanks for the try!
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