asked Sep 17, 2013 at 10:54pm
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

Plastic baggie fed into printer by mistake

I have a somewhat bizarre problem that occurred with my HP LaserJet 1012 printer. A plastic Ziploc sandwich bag was fed through my printer when it mistakenly was in my paper tray and I did the print command to print a one-page document without noticing that there was the baggie in my paper tray atop the printing paper. My desk was cluttered with things at the time, and amongst them was the plastic sandwich bag that somehow ended up in my paper tray. I was able to get most of the baggie out of my printer but there are apparently many little fragments that must have melted onto the roller and are perhaps in other parts of my printer still. After the problem occurred, I tried printing a document through it several times in the stupid and desperate hope that the little pieces of plastic still inside the printer would somehow get removed onto the paper that was being fed through the printer. However, each subsequent time I did this there were always many areas of white space on the paper where characters should have been, making much of the document unreadable. I have stopped using this printer for sometime but I liked it and I’d like to repair it, if possible. Is there any realistic possibility of taking my printer apart and cleaning up the inside of it and/or replacing the roller or is the situation unfortunately essentially hopeless, meaning it would cost much more in money and/or hassle to get it printing properly again? I have never taken a printer apart and repaired or cleaned the inside of one before. I paid $200.00, plus tax for the printer sometime ago.
The baggie probably got melted onto the fuser fixing film. That is at the back, just before the printer exits out the top. The film is a thin plastic tube that slides around a heating element and the paper with the toner passes between that and a rubber roller. That being said, it is really, really difficult to disassemble that model and take the fuser apart to either remove the plastic baggie or replace the film if it melted onto it. It is not a job for someone who isn't either very mechanically inclined or experienced in printer repair. I'm both and I don't relish working on that model.
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Thanks for your reply, moe. You've given me a little more info that I didn't have before. It is upsetting to think that a stupid plastic baggie destroyed a very functional, nice printer that I quite liked. I currently have an old HP Officejet 6210 All-in-One that someone gave me which has problems and is slow but and I can't afford to buy a new printer. Oh, well.
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