asked Jan 31, 2001 at 1:09am
Epson Epson LQ 300

Epson 1500 service error code 0002

I was told that I needed to change my logic board on the printer. The technician told me it would cost about $300+ including labor to fix it. This was more than I was willing to pay for this old printer. Is it possible for me to buy a logic board and at what price? Also is it difficult to replace?
The service manual shows an E0002 error as an unspecified error that may need the ROM-B board or the C108 MAIN board to be replaced. The C0002 error is a video controller error. However, the manual shows the same parts need to be replaced for that error also.

I would try National Parts Depot or directly to Epson. Prices and lead times are about the same unless NPD is trying to get rid of some stock.

There are still a lot of those 1500's around. If somebody has one with a bad fuser, you might be able to talk them out of it and scavenge the parts you need. Or maybe someone would make an offer to buy the one you have????

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