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Hp HP DeskJet Plus

re: a problem on a hp photosmart plus b209

Please take a look at the 2 DropBox links "" and "" Both pictures are of the same bird. Bird1.jpg is the original picture taken with my digital camera. Bird2.jpg is the same picture printed on my HP Photomart plus B29 printer then scanned into my laptop for posting (there is no problems with the scanner part of the printer). I got this printer from GoodWill Thrift store new in the box. Still in the original wrappings and the ink cartridges still wrapped up in there original packages unopened. Why is the printer printing that way after only a few weeks of use? By the way straight b/w printing is fine.

That's a Canon engine printer. Could be the heads are clogged. Take out the ink cartridges. On the right side there is a plastic lever. Lift it up and that releases the head assy. Take the heads out and flush the screens on top with hot running water and flush the bottom as well. Repeat until the water isn't tinted anymore, or lightly tinted. Blot dry with paper towel and reinstall.
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I flushed the screens head assy and the printer still isn't printing in color right. the pattern has changed some. The top part of the picture is almost normal, a bit off on the color shades but the bottom part still has the streaks in it. Maby I need to soak the head in hot water for a wile instead of just rinsing it.

Steve - reble
You seem to be on the right track if you're seeing some improvement. Raise the temperature of the water, that might help.
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I have a new problem with the printer. It prints the 1st 2 lines of what ever is sent to the printer then it just stops printing. The printers display says it is printing but it don't print. I have to hit the red x on the printer screen to stop the print. I ran the printer's self diagnostic then printed the print status report from the printers control panel. the report printed fine. I tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling all the software and drivers that go with the printer 3 times. I even manually checked the windows registry to make sure every single line that had the name of the printer in it was gone. Then I put the cd in the drive. The install prog came up like it should on a fresh new install. I went through the hole install routine start to finish. And still the printer prints the 1st 2 lines and stops printing.
This is frustrating I need to print a report for the meeting tonight (Wed night) and I am tearing what little hair I have left out and going nuts. I need help.

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