asked Aug 13, 2013 at 7:35am
Hp HP LaserJet 2420DN

Jamming HP Laserjet 2420DN

Hello. I have a customer that has a HP LaserJet 2420DN p/n Q5959A that keeps jamming after the first two pages are printed and exited in the output tray after the fusing process. For example, I can print a configuration page with no issues it is when I print more than two pages that I will get jamming issues in two places: the fuser, and in the paper pickup assembly and transfer area. I have replaced the fuser three times in this printer and same issue occurs. Could this be a bad sensor or solenoid somewhere?? Has anyone else had this issue before?? This is a time sensitive ticket I have and I am wondering what else I need to replace.

Thank you for your help/responses!

That's symptomatic of a sticking solenoid. I've never replaced one, but have fixed thousands. Simply remove the sticky stuff and replace it with some thin sticky backed felt. Some people use electrical tape, but that creates other issues. Never had any subsequent failures with felt.
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