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Hp HP LaserJet 4L

HP4L over USB how to accomplish a sleep state

Dear Fixyourprinter forum,

Although many fine HP printers passed my table and working usage, and many both in speed and capacity surpassed venerable HP4L, for some reason, not only I love using this printers, but I have secured several 4L models supplied with HP toners. HP4L is a tank of infinite energy, it simply wont stop and testament to finer mentality of IT industry.

On my primary home machine, HP4L serves as one of the shared printers. To precise the nature of connection, HP4L is using LTP to USB, which is then connected to XP desktop machine serving other machines.

There is no functional penalty and everything works superb with HP4L. There is just one thing that I’ve seen with many laser printers when going LPT to USB route. That is mainly, the lack of proper "sleep" detection within OS/Printer.

I remember having the same thing, even when HP4L is used directly on single machine, opposed to its present shared situation. So my question is, how does one configure HP4L in relation to OS (XP and WS2003) so when HP4L is not working, so that he can be sent to sleep?

Obviously this is related to nature of LPT to USB, as directly with LPT, HP4L would promptly go to sleep and hence indicate such state with no lights. Well, as you know, this never happens over USB bridge. I’ve tried with printer settings, but nothing substantial is offered in this regard. No need for printer to remain "On" all the time, and I certainly don’t care to plug it off the wall, every time I wish to remedy such state.

So, please, do tell.

I wouldn't worry about it. The biggest energy draw on the printer is the fuser and it doesn't heat up unless you send a print job to it. I doubt there is much difference in energy usage between sleep mode and idle. Not a good idea to unplug them and plug them in too much as that eventually takes out the controller board.
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Thanks for your reply Moe,

If memory serves me well, idle state of HP4L should not go over 5W. It was more about the nature of USB / LPT conversion, that triggered my curiosity, to grasp, what "command" so to speak is interpreted in such way, that 4L does not enter its default sleep state, as when used directly over LPT.

Also allow me to ask you another question, more forum related. I new here, although well aware and familiar with reputation of fixyourprinter.com. Does this forum have area where one can inquire general information about HP LaserJets from 90’s?

thank you for your reading

- Mike8FPGA
Don't have any general information area. Probably anything you want to know can be found in a forum search.
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