asked Jun 6, 2013 at 1:55am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

LaserJet 4 PC LOAD A4

My LaserJet 4 had worked fine for years. Late last year, we had to move house. When I set the systems up again it said "PC LOAD A4", which I did, even though it was not entirely empty. The message remained, and still does. I've read on HP's site that this message can be removed by pressing Shift+Continue, doing so is, however, fruitless and the message remains. I'd like to get this going as my other printer, (Canon i560), is getting decidedly flaky.
Could be a paper cassette switch issue. If you pull the tray out and look on the right side inside of the printer, you'll see 3 metal strips. Those are the switch actuators. Now look at the side of the paper tray and you'll see some white plastic arms. Those push on the appropriate switches and tell the printer what size paper is loaded in the tray. What I want you to do is to stick your arm in and push on the matching metal strips to the plastic arms extended on the tray. For example, if the 2 bottom ones are extended, push on the 2 bottom metal strips. Also position your forearm so it is pushing up on the dangling black plastic piece in the center. That's the paper empty sensor. Now watch the control panel and see if it goes to Ready.
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With the switch pressed and the black object raised, the printer displays READY, releasing either, the error message returns.

Sorry for the delay in replying, the weather is particularly nice at the moment, and I have a wife.
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It looks like an adjustment issue on the switches. They aren't being pushed in far enough by the tray actuators. An easy fix is to put a few layers of tape on the actuators so they depress the switches more firmly like in the simulation where you pushed them with your fingers. Otherwise, you'd have to take the printer apart and replace the board the switches are mounted to.
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I'll give the tape idea a go and see how I get on. Thanks for the steer.
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