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Hp HP DeskJet Plus

LaserJet 4 Plus Duplex Jam with C3157A

I have a HP LaserJet 4 plus with a C3157A duplex unit. Which was working fine. I got paper jam 13, the accordian paper jam printing single sided. I replaced the exit rollers and also the pickup roller. This solved the paper jam and it works fine with single side. But when I tried to use the duplex unit I get a duplex jam message.
When I remove the printed page out of the printer, it had printed page 2 only not page 1.

The page went from the paper tray thru the duplex unit and back to the bottom holding tray and try to go back into thru the paper try slot.
The page appears to stop just after it enters the tray, but does not continue.

I have tried another duplex unit and the same thing happens.

Is it a printer problem or a duplex issue?
Is there any roller that I need to replace?


I had a problem with the duplexer somewhat as you describe. In my case, the paper jammed in the back left-corner of the duplexer just as the paper was entering the bottom internal horizontal duplexer paper slot after shooting up and back down the vertical duplexer slot. Is that your problem? If so, I have a remedy for that.
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Thanks for the reply.
The paper stops going backup from the duplexer back into the printer bottom tray.
The page get printed and moves thru the duplexer shooting up and back down the vertical duplexer slot and stop just as it was going back into the lower paper tray slot.

Not sure if this is the same as your problem.


Bill - bleebj
I have the same problem you did...
Please let me know what the solution is....
- Snifferdude

I did not find a solution.

I did get a new duplexer but it still did not solve the problem.

So I think the issue was with the printer, so I changed the rubber roller and maintenance parts in the printer.
It did help a little, so I can do duplex on a few pages, but if I do a lot of pages the jam will occur. Sometimes it will still do it on one page.

Let me know if you find a solution or have any questions.

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