asked Apr 4, 2013 at 1:58am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

laserwriter 4/600 fan does not come on.

when i plug in my apple laserwriter 4/600, the fan will not come on. It will go through a startup sequence on the led display and upon completion rather than a solid green light, there are no lights lit. it will not print.

apple's repair manual says if the fan is not working then it's a problem with the fan or the controller board.

any one have any experience fixing this.

Thank you,

ps i have changed rollers, power supplies etc.. on old laserwriter II's so pulling these babies apart is not a problem. I have the take apart manual for this unit. I was just looking for any specific advice from someone who has encountered this problem before.

The reason i hang onto this printer is that i still have a number of good toner cartridges for it.
Apple printers are harder to diagnose because they really don't have any useful fail indicators. I've yet to see a fan go bad on the PX engined printers. Most times you can fix fans by blowing the dust off them and applying a bit of lubricant. More likely it would be the controller board at fault if you're to believe the manual. It's been a long time since I worked on one of those, so my remote troubleshooting skills are hazy. If it were in front of me, maybe I could figure it out.
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