asked Mar 31, 2013 at 6:54pm
Epson Epson WorkForce WF-3540

Epson Firmware update blocking compatible cartidge

Wasn't aware of this issue, but seems to have been around a good while.
Need some guidance / advice on this - please.

Epson - probably others - using firmware updates to make it hard / impossible to use compatibles or refillable carts. I planned on refillables. Found quite a few posts on this -now that I know about it, going back yrs.

Just installed WF-3540 few days ago & chose wireless connection (maybe bad choice). Soon as it finished installing software / drivers, it IMMEDIATELY started "checking for newer firmware." No warning; no option to do it now, later or never; no Stop or Cancel. Just did it - & finished in < 1 min. "Said" it installed new firmware.

Now, I find out this often causes problems w/ using non OEM carts.

What are my options? I don't know whether to TAKE THIS UNIT BACK, get another & start over. Don't THINK there's a way to roll back firmware.

Other than buying a / some compatibles & checking, how would one know? Doubt I'll invest in a refillable kit, just to find out, then be out that $.

A file in my FW list "epson firmware updater" -epfwupd.exe.
The FW listing showed path in the temp installation folder, meaning it was meant to run DURING install. I blocked it, but it's a little late.

The Epson Download Navigator, controls future searches for software (& assume, firmware) updates. Navigator's actually a folder - contains about 8 files, I guess all would have to enter separately in my FW & block, so * IF * I got a new unit, started over, they couldn't phone home.

Occurred to me that choosing ethernet or USB conn. vs Wireless could prevent it from accessing internet, at will. For wireless setup, have to enter router's PW. I don't know the answer. At least w/ ethernet, you could disconnect internet immediately after install, then set up FW rules to deny all Epson files access. But to setup w/ ethernet, you have to have internet connection (AFAIK). They're tricky.

Thanks for any suggestions.