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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP LaserJet 4100 MFP Inconsistent Startup

I have a 4100MFP that I picked up about 5 years ago - installed a new HDD, upgraded to the latest firmware and fixed the multiple feed issue that caused its previous owner to get rid of it and it's been a real beaut of a printer.

I've read through the previous postings, and some of them have similar issues, but none seem to have the same conjunction of issues that I have that are making it difficult for me to figure out what the problem could be.

About a year ago the display started acting up, sometimes it would function, other times not - it wasn't a huge problem and the web interface still worked perfectly, so I lived with it. Then about 2-3 months ago it started acting a little funny during start-up, it would take about 5-10 minutes to finish the initialization cycle, but we'd been having network issues and had to replace the router, so I thought that the new router and the printer weren't playing nice together, and it always eventually got to a ready state, so I didn't worry about it too much.

But last week it refused to even begin the initialization - the scanner lamp would flash and the scanner would do its little movement, but the three lights would not come on and cycle. I was able to successfully print an engine test page, so I figured the problem had something to do with the formatter assembly.

Today I finally had time to fuss with it, so I pulled the formatter, removed the 64MB RAM and 8MB firmware sticks, yanked the JetDirect 620n and HDD and cleaned everything. Then I put everything back together and turned it on. The display came on and said there was a 53.10.03 error. So I pulled the RAM from slot 3 and stuck it in slot 1. This time the printer came on. Booted up right away too. Everything seemed fine, but the printer wasn't seeing the NIC. According to the config page, EIO 2 was empty. So I pulled the 620n again, blew off and cleaned the contacts again, and reseated it. This time the printer started up, did the lengthy initialization routine, and after ~5-10 minutes was ready to accept print jobs. The web interface is insanely slow, but everything seems functional. The display is even mostly corruption-free - sometimes it looks perfectly normal!

If it weren't for the display and memory errors, I'd just figure I had a bad NIC, but I can't really afford to just throw money at the problem, so I'd like to try to narrow down the likely culprits further. I figure the problem is likely at least one (hopefully ONLY one) of the following:

1. Formatter
2. Firmware Stick
3. JetDirect 620n NIC
4. HDD

What do you folks think? Anything I can do to further identify the problem device? I don't have any spares, good or bad.

I'd greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions you folks might have. This is a great printer and I'd love to get it happy again!
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Try booting up with just the firmware DIMM installed (in slot 1). You could have a corrupted firmware DIMM .
Were you able to get a EIO printout signifying that the printer saw your NIC?
I would begin as I stated above with just the firmware DIMM and then add accessories one at a time to narrow down which is faulty.
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i would pull the hard drive and the nic card and see how it boots up.
when it does boot you won't have copy or scan functions and it would be a straight printer.
but you can see if still takes as long to boot as it did with the eio slots occupied.
if still a problem, you can reinstall the firmware - several different methods are described in the hp instructions.

then i would try the hdd in one of the slots.
if the problems starts reappearing, the hdd might require a new initialization cycle - you can locate the initialization instructions through google.
if it boots fine with the hdd, then try the hdd in the other slot and see if that one is good also.
then add the nic to the mix and see what you have.

also, i thought the firmware dimm had to be in slot 1 but not sure of that.

i have a few of these printers and my problem on 2 of them has been the scanner assembly just going dead on me a few hours after power up.
i had added memory to the formatter and just to take a shot, i pulled the extra memory from one of the machines and the scanner has not had a problem after 24 hrs..
will try the same thing with the 2nd machine and see if i get lucky there.
makes no sense to me but hey, whatever works.
may still turn out to be the scanner psu but too soon to know for sure.

hard to get good info on these machines since not a real big user base like the 4000 series printers.

good luck.
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