asked Mar 13, 2013 at 12:02pm
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EPSON sx435w

Hi wonder if you could help me,I have an EPSON SX435W printer it prints text on plain paper or even images ie photos on plain paper,when it comes to photos on photo paper it will not print it says paper out load paper ,The paper I was using was non Epson but was a 225gsm photo paper,I thought it could be the paper so bought Epson photo-paper190gsm but still the same message comes up,also on occasion it will send a single sheet through the printer without printing anything.also when attempting to send the photo-paper through it sort of makes a clicking sound as if it cant grab the photo-paper as I said plain paper is fine .have tried knocking printer off,updated the driver and re-installed the software at wits end dont know what do next and getting hold of Epson or getting a solution off Epson is like pissing in the wind can you help please thank you.