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Hp HP Color LaserJet CP2025

HP CP2025 Phantom Jam 13.0000

First, sorry for the long post.

I have a cp2025 that was occasionally not picking paper. I inspected the pick roller and it needed to be replaced, at only 24464 pages. I cleaned the existing roller and it worked w/out any issue for about a week while I waited on the roller to arrive. I replaced the pick roller per the HP directions below:


When I powered the printer back up it would no longer move media correctly. I can hear the pick roller trying to move paper 3-5 rotations and then it shows a jam tray 2 in the display (13.0000). Occasionally it will push a sheet through, usually when I just hit OK to clear jam and the engine cycles, but not enough to use the printer at all. Since it can move paper through the path I know there is not an obstruction. I decided that I would move on to another cp2025 that needed a pick roller, we have several, and come back to this one later.

The second cp2025 was working just like the first one and just need a new pick roller. I changed the roller using the procedure above and now I have two printers with the exact same issues.

I have tried new firmware, cold reset, swapping new and old rollers back and forth and nothing seems to work. I bypassed the rear door interlock so I could watch the process and noticed the registration or feed roller not turning during the print cycle. The feed/registration roller does turn during an engine cycle, such as when I depress/press the interlock.

I am at a loss, both printers were printing normally but just needed new pick roller but after following the above procedure both are now unusable. I tried to talk to tech support but they didn't seem to want to help being both printers are out of warranty. I have been searching the web with little results.

Any help would be appreciated .

pick up solenoid problem..
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Hey, can you elaborate on that? how to fix, or which replacement part? - waleedasif322
still need some help on this one

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hey, did you ever figure this out? Had the same problem in the exact manner you described. - waleedasif322