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Hp HP DeskJet Plus

Hp Lj 4 Plus paper jam

Aloha , I have an HP LJ 4 plus that has been a great machine! Over the last few weeks the printer would print very faintly the first few pages and get better after maybe 10 attempts to reprint the same page then it would be ok until you didn't print for a while then the same thing! My other problem is that it started grabbing more sheets and jamming but if you used the single sheet feeder it would work ok. I looked at some sites and figured that a fuser and roller kit should do the trick but now when I try to print from the cassette (tray 2) the paper will jam before it gets to the fuser! When I pull the paper out I can see the pick up roller marks on it! I haven't had time to really check it out but is it possible that I installed the fuser wrong and the path is screwed up? It went in very easy and didnt show any errors! I didn't try the single sheet feeder yet because I was called to a meeting and went home right after ! Thank you for any suggestions , Jon
I'm going to guess you got your advice from Probably the worst repair advice site on the internet. What on earth the fuser and pickup roller could possibly have to do with your problem is beyond me. I'm guessing you got some cheap Chinese clone pickup roller that is worse than the original. The new roller shouldn't be leaving marks. Hope you didn't throw the old one out. Try the MF tray and see if that works.
From what I'm gathering about the pickup problem, it sounds like the pickup roller is rotating continuously and picking up sheets one after the other, causing jams. That would be fixed by
The other issue of faint print would most likely be the High Voltage power supply that sits at the bottom of the printer.
If you want to give that a try, click on my name to email me for pricing and ordering info.
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