asked Feb 10, 2013 at 1:03pm
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Apple Laserwriter 16/600PS "Paper Out" stays on

The light that stays on is the "paper out" and there is paper in both trays.
Is it possible that it's not registering as it should. And if so, is there a fix for this problem?

I have tried to set it up in the "Chooser" but I get "This version of Appletalk is not supported by Classic". I am using Mac X 4.1.1. and have 9.2.2 also installed.
I would appreciate any Help.?

Betty P.
Could be one of the tray switches went bad. If you pull the cassette tray out, you can manually trip the switches and see if the light goes out. There are 3 switches under the metal strips on the right side towards the back. If you look at the side of the tray, you'll see some plastic ribs. Push on the 2 switches that match the plastic ribs. You will also have to lift up on the black plastic tab that hangs down in the middle as that is the paper level sensor arm. Then look and see if the light is extinguished.
by moe on Feb 10, 2013 at 11:38pm Add comment
Thanks Moe,
Tried your suggestion but it didn't work.
Using the "Desktop Printer Utility" I now get "Fixing Temperature Malfunction" which was the reason I put the new Fuser in.
Hope there is something I can do now.
- unknown
You didn't mention the new fuser before. There are 2 other things that could cause the malfunction. First, I would go with the power supply module and second would be the DC controller. Then you still have the issue with the paper being out. Can't troubleshoot it until you fix the temperature problem first. I've got a couple of 16/600 printers that we use for parts.
by moe on Feb 11, 2013 at 3:29pm Add comment
I don't know how I would go about checking out either the DC controller or the power supply module. Is there a source for the instructions I would need?
Thank You,
Betty P. - unknown
I don't know of any tests you could do with either. We just replace them one at a time until the printer works again. The power supply fails about 10 times more often than the DC controller.
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How much would the power supply cost? And could you give me instructions as to how to change it?

Betty P. - unknown
I need the address of the Laser Service. Would you please tell me what it is? I have looked on many pages and don't see it.


Betty P.
by unknown on Apr 9, 2013 at 9:43am Add comment
I'm having the same problem. Paper tray empty light is on, but the printer is not heating up. When I use the printer utility, it says, "Fixing Temperature Malfunction" and my usually warm printer is as cool as a desk fan.

What parts do I need?

Thanks, Sharon
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