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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP Laserjet 5N Fuser Problems

I’m hoping someone can give me some insight here.

I have two HP Laserjet 5N’s, one to use and one for parts. These are AWESOME printers and rarely break.

About a week ago I got the error message: “50 Fuser Error: Cycle Power”. I swapped the Fuser from the other printer, and still got the error message. Then I swapped the big power supply on the bottom: Same error message.

A few questions:

1) Is there a difference between a High-Voltage Power Supply and a Low-Voltage Power Supply?
2) If so, does my HP 5N have one of each?
3) If so, can someone send me a procedure and repair instructions on how to locate and replace the Low-Voltage Power Supply on an HP Laserjet 5N.
4) Is there someplace online I can download a FREE version of the HP repair manual for this unit? If so, could someone send me the link?

Thanks Very Much,
1. Yes, there is a difference. The low power supply is the easy one to get to on the bottom. The HV power supply is on the right side of the printer (where the power cord plugs into).
2. Yes, they have one of each.
3. It sounds like you have already swapped out the LV power supply. To get to the HV power supply, you must remove the right cover. You will see a long, thin assembly on the bottom of the printer that the power supply plugs into. Just a few screws and a couple of wiring harness and it will slid out.
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Sue, i think you're a bit confused. It's so not like you. The low voltage supply is the one on the bottom right that the plug goes into. The high voltage supply is on the bottom of the printer. Just pop the cover off by pressing the latch under the toner door and the one at the back. Two screws at the bottom of the supply and three screws on the plate to the left. Now you can unplug the two connectors and slide it out.
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Sue & Moe:

Thanks. I will try this and let you know. Since I have another working printer of the same model, I'll just swap the part and see what happens.

Thanks again, and will let you know.

Appreciate It,
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Sue & Moe:

Sure enough, that fixed the problem. Thanks so very much for your input and assistance. Love these printers!

Folks, for anyone with an HP LJ 4 or 5 who keeps getting a “50 Fuser Error: Cycle Power” error message and has tried everything else, try replacing the low-voltage power supply, located on the bottom right side (as you're facing the printer) directly behind the power plug in the rear.

Thanks Again. So glad I discovered this forum.

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Yep, you are right. Confusion is one of the side effects of raising a 5 year old boy who works with you fixing printers. So far his standard answer to "what do you think is wrong with this printer?" is "I think its the cartridge".
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