asked Jan 6, 2013 at 5:18pm
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Epson WorkForce 600 won't always print black

I have an Epson WorkForce 600 and am a bit stumped with it. It has all 4 brand new cartridges in it. The black ink works fine with nozzle checks head alignment and such pages, but with other things it won't print black. It will print out internet pages and windows test pages with black ink fine. It will also do copies with black ink fine, however if you tell it to print out the network configuration page it won't print anything on the page. I will print out word documents just fine, but if you make a bunch of black shapes in paint it won't print those. You can see a very faint outline of the shapes, but nothing else. It does the same exact thing on multiple computers too. I've tested it over a network with a Vista computer and via USB on my HP laptop with Windows 8 I think I've established that the problem isn't the ink of a clog, but rather some other software glitch with the printer, especially since it won't print its own network configuration page properly.
after checking epsons site I see that the left most section of the nozzle check page is missing, however the other 2 black sections are still there as are the 3 colors.
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