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Hp HP LaserJet 2100

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A local thrift store has one for $40.00 with 10/100 EIO Jet Direct/ The LCD display came up and I could page thru many menus but I didn't know how to get it to print a test. But now I know and may go back for another try. What else should I be looking for and any specific test I should try? Or are these too old to fool with and what's an acceptable page count if it prints one? Would this be a reliable sub for my slow 2100 to print a bunch of manuals?
This is a very large printer probably 6-8 times the size of your old 2100. High volume is one of the benefits of this printer. You will want to perform a paper path test from all trays, especially tray 3 with letter size paper. Tray 3 is known to develop issues due to the second pass rollers wearing and will jam if the rollers are worn. These are not the pickup rollers but rollers contained in the PIU (Paper Pickup Unit). Also when you print a config page look at the total pages printed and the pages printed since last maintenance. The maintenance level of these printers is 350K and most times 2 million is the max total page count most people use this printer. From the information menu run a event log which will tell you the recent errors experienced by this printer.
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When I tried to print the config page I got a paper jam error but couldn't find the jam so I gave up and will pass.
I'll bet that beast weighs close to 100 pounds!.
Thanks for the tip.
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