asked Jan 2, 2013 at 2:23pm
Hp HP LaserJet 2100

HP LJ 2100 Win 7 64 bit parallel to USB

About a month ago and with much searching I was finally able to get a driver that let my Win 7 64 bit PC useprint with my HP 2100 laserjet using a parallel to USB cable on a virtual port. Then a virus forced me to get Win 7 reloaded and driver was lost. Now I can't find a driver that works and my 72 year old brain can't recall where I found it and not sure now if it was PCL5 or PCL6 since I've downloaded so many that didn't work.. Any help appreciated.
PCL5 is much more stable so I would try that one.
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The HP site PCL5 when installed has a Control Panel icon that show a color printer and that makes me wonder if HP got it mixed up.
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Nobody is perfect. I recall looking at a page from an HP service manual where the photo was reversed. I stared at it and the board for a few minutes in confusion before it dawned on me. Not something you would expect. - moe
After several failed attemps of downloading and installing and deleteing PCL5 & PCL6 without success and ready to give up I tried one more time and to my shock and surprise PCL6 finally worked using a Parallel to USB adapter on a virtual USB port. The icon pic isn't the right one.
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hey wd5jfr, can you please provide a link to the driver that finally worked?

i was spending hours in trying not finding any working one.
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"my 72 year old brain can't recall where I found it "

don't sweat it. studies show that 72 year old brains work better than 20 year old brains.
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Make sure your IEEE 1284 works, mMicrosoft had an automatic fix for mine
I think mine is on USB002 for the port
I've also spent hours with it.
Good luck
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