asked Dec 11, 2012 at 5:41pm
Brother Brother HL 1270N

Brother HL-1270N death-blink (drum+alarm)

My Brother HL-1270N laser printer just went into death-blink mode (yellow drum + red alarm). Printer reset (holding down the button while turning on the printer) does not work. This particular error code is not listed in the user manual. (My alarm LED is red and not yellow). I sent email to Brother support asking what this meant and was told only that I had to take my printer to a Brother repair center. Since the local repair centers charge over $100 per hour and the printer is not worth that much, I don't find that information useful. I was looking for something like, "You need to replace the whatzit frammistan."

Does anyone recognize this error code? A yellow-drum led in combination with a yellow alarm led would mean "D-RAM ERROR." But my alarm led flashes red. If the only problem was D-RAM, that might be worth replacing. Without confirmation that the led color doesn't matter, it seems highly unlikely that memory would go bad inside otherwise working hardware.