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Hp HP LaserJet 2100

Best older HP Laserjet to buy?

In about a month I'm going to have to print a bunch of manuals from CDs. I have an HP 2200d and a ten spare toner carts, but it's kind of slow. I've read that a 4100 is quite fast but don't know about its reliability, What I need has to be low cost initially with low toner cost and fast and reliable and double sided printing would save paper. I'm interested in your opinions and recommendations.
PS Got my 2100 going and I can watch paint dry while it prints!
4000 17ppm
4100 25ppm
2200 19ppm
If you are looking for speed and reliability, I would suggest the 4200 @ 35ppm. We use one of them in the office and I've never been called to mess with it. It doesn't go fast enough to have the gear grinding issues the later versions had. Also has a large capacity toner cartridge. You would have to get the optional duplexer if you want that feature. It just slides into the back.
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Hey Moe
I read that the 4100 toner cart has a kill chip and wonder if the higher print speed justifies a more expensive toner?
BTW..did HP ever make a a good laser printer that was also a copier? I once had a Canon that did that but it hatched.
Hank - wd5jfr
Interesting note. The 4100 does have a kill chip and will fit into the 4000. The 4000 cartridge won't go into the 4100. All printers since the 4100 have the kill chip. They actually don't stop the print process, just give you a warning.
FYI, Canon builds all of HP's laser printers. They have an exclusivity agreement with them now. They used to build lasers for Brother, Apple, Lexmark, QMS among others.
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