asked Jan 29, 2001 at 11:38am
Hp HP LaserJet 2100

Repetetive image defect - HP2100

There is an image defect on every page of output from the 2100 installed for a client, 3 inches apart, about 1/4" in size, that looks like the toner from the area 3" above it. An HP service page claims that a "fuser film unit" problem will cause a repetetive error every 2.95 inches.

Question: what is a "fuser film unit", where is it and is it cleanable, or is this a definite service call? Are there diagrams on the net of the workings of this printer?
The fuser is in the back of the unit -its the part that gets hot- it is possible that cleaning the lower roller will fix it but, i would run a few cleaning pages first- the manual tells you how. The customer can do this.
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I'd take the toner cartridge out first and examine the drum by rotating the gears with my thumbs. If you see the offending spot, then change the toner cartridge.
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