asked Dec 9, 2012 at 9:19am
Hp HP DeskJet 1100

Problems refurbishing HP1100 cartridge

Hi all!

I have a problem trying to refurbish a C4092A cartridge for a HP1100. I followed the guide posted in the 'reference' section (which was consistent with two videos I found on youtube) , but all I had after finish was a result like the following:


Have you got an idea of what might be wrong?

You might have followed the guide, but did you follow all of it? Did you just put in new toner or did you replace the wiper blade and the drum? Hard to tell from the photo, but the edges look like drum wear. Also could possibly be wiper blade related issues. You could try looking at the surface of the drum as you turn the gear. A good wiper blade will clean the drum of any residue toner. You also should be able to see the wear on the drum.
by moe on Dec 9, 2012 at 10:58am Add comment
I followed the guide to the end. I did not disassembly the doctor blade since I dont have a seal to put instead the old one, so I left that part working as it was. I also did not replace the wiper blade or drum since they were working fine, just cleaned them with a clean paper. I can see some drum wear now, i think from moving it in the wrong direction against the pcr, do you fhink that this might be the problem?
by juancra on Dec 9, 2012 at 12:10pm Add comment
The PCR contacts the drum and provides a HV charge that attracts and repels the toner. Wherever the laser hits is where the charge is dissipated and the toner sticks. Very rare the PCR will cause issues, especially after only one cycle. The doctor blade usually doesn't cause issues either. If the wiper is not clear and is either frosted or yellowish, then it is bad and won't wipe correctly. Cleaning the drum and wiper is a waste of time as it only works for the one revolution.
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Do you think that the wear out I noticed in the drum might be the problem? besides this, I ran the process under the sunlight, can this be a problem of overexposing the drum? This is the second cartridge I spoil following the directions, I don't know what I doing wrong..
by juancra on Dec 10, 2012 at 10:45am Add comment
The other theory I have is that I geared the cartridge when I finished with the procedure, and got some toner on the drum . Then I put it back on the printer and that way some toner when on the fuser or somewhere where it should not be.. what do you think about?
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Drums are light sensitive. If you leave them in direct light long enough they'll get a sunburn. Any toner deposited on the fuser film will be melted and transferred to the paper. That's the purpose of the fuser. Quit trying to blame other things for the problems. I gave you the causes.
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Lol, not trying to blame other things for the problem, I didn't get that the problem was the drum. All my doubts came from the point that the printer worked fine before I tried to refill & refurbish the cartridge.
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