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asked Nov 2, 2012 at 5:18pm
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

What would be a nice small laserjet printer?

Hi Everyone,
Recently I have been working on some nice old HP LaserJets to give away, such as some 4L's, a 4P, and a 6MP.
I find that some of the parts are no longer available, such as the cracked clutch on the 6P.
The 4L's have to be 20 years old by now, as I think my friend bought a new one in 1992.
Plus, not many computers still have printer ports on the back, and USB to parallel adapters might not be the best solution to that problem.
My question is this: what is a more modern replacement for the small B&W LaserJets, whether it is current or not, that has a USB connection?
I saw an HP1320 recently and it had a USB connection, and I see that there is an HP1320N with a network connection also available.
The HP1320 is not current but it might still be a good one to have.
I looked on Craigslist and there are some HP1320's available.
Could anyone recommend any small laserjets from HP or other companys that still have parts available and can be worked on as well as an HP?
Another question: Can you buy third party recharged toners for the newer B&W laserjet you might recommend, or have the OEM's figured out how to stop that?
tom jobe...
It is new HP1320 or used unit? As I worked with some used/ old 1320, the fuser seems to be the main problem, is like not hot enough to bond the toner & paper nicely. Only solution is to replace a new heating element. Sometimes the fuser film sleeve, pressure roller & bushing must be replaced along if damaged/ worn.

There is no 1200-1300 series from HP anymore, they tend to sell smaller printer like P1102, P1606n with smaller cartridge as entry level.

I don't know how much is HP P1102 & Canon LBP6000 is selling at your place, this 2 model are almost physically same, you may go for these if you don't really print that much.

The parts supplies is not problem in my country and the third party recharge toner work nicely on it. Infact, the third party recharge toner can even print more than the genuine cartridge if you ignore the low toner warning message.

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