asked Oct 5, 2012 at 10:00pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP C6180 Install Fails: Printer Name Invalid

I've tried all the HP drivers and patch (I have 1gHz cpu), installed, uninstalled, LEVEL 4 uninstalled, and I keep getting this same error.

Everything seems to work as you would expect except at the end of the PnP scan, I get the error.

I did notice that in the scan balloons there would be "HP PhotoSmart ..." and then one "HPPhotoSmart ..." comes along and then the error occurs with the next balloon.

I'm wondering if someone could have "renamed" the printer when they had the wireless installation.

I also did the hard reset (9 and # then plug in) also did the 6 and # soft reset.

I've been screwing with this for a week now - probably have 20 hours in it.


Ethernet connection also fails same way but even more cripticly: Error message says "...the printer name was typed incorrectly..." Oh why couldn't they echo back the bad name so it would make sense????

I did a manual Ethernet install of a Generic Text printer and it worked just fine.

I accessed the printer's URL page just fine via a browser.

I tried drivers for the 7100 and 5100 and they bombed the same way as the 6100 drivers.

It is possible this printer is broke but I just don't buy it.


PS. Oh, the downloaded drivers' instructions said where their unpacked directory would be located and what that directory name would be. For all 3 drivers, NONE of them had the proper location and name. 2 had BOTH specs wrong.
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What does it mean printer name invalid?????

I can't get the printer to print computer info.
I can't go from computer to printer for a copy
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