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HP Officejet G85 stops printing - Windows 7

I am reluctant to throw away this solidly built (and lightly used) MF printer. Since replacing my wife's XP printer with a Windowd 7 (Home Prem 64 bit) PC the printer stops printing on page of, say page 2 of a 4 page document. Or sometimes 2 inches down the page. The job shows up as in error on the Control Panel -->Device box for the printer, as do other print jobs which backed up behind it. By clearing the files it is sometimes possible to print a file.
The driver is "in" W7 so I can't see a way to uninstall/install. I've used a HP diagnotic which didn't pick up anything. I haven't seen any ref to my G85 having memory (or being upgradeable). My wife (who also prints music using Sibelius, not in huge quantities) is indicating we should buy a new printer unless I can solve this problem .
Any ideas you can offer would be much appreciated (thanks in advance for your time.....)
Same situation with my printer.
It appears to me that you have to change the printer settings:
The printer should not print right away but only after the complete print job has been spooled. Direct printing without spooler does not work at all.

Happy printing!

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Whether I print manually (on top) or automatic (through computer) the printer sounds like mechanical gears on slipping / stripping. This causes the "Open door" Jam message. No jam exists or present. Repeated resets - no help.
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