asked Sep 5, 2012 at 5:28am
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Down to my last Laserwriter IIg logic board!

I just plugged in my last Apple Laserwriter IIg logic board. After collecting IIg printers over the years I have run out of supply and am worried about my next step. I saw where Moe recommended the HP4500/4550 in 2006, but is this still the best buy in used laser printers?

I need a good laser printer that I can service over the years. It needs to be networkable on an ethernet LAN. What does the forum suggest?

On another subject, does anyone know where I can get Laserwriter IIg logic boards? Thanks.
The p/n for those is 661-0661. Had a customer just yesterday looking for one. We ran out of them years ago. A Google search didn't find any in the U.S. The 4500/4550 is a color printer. Weighs about 100 lbs and is quite large.
If you want a good black and white laser that is pretty trouble free, I'd recommend an HP4000. You can get Mac drivers for it and should be able to find one for under $100. About the only things that ever go bad are the pickup rollers and the fuser.
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I was looking at my failed logic board and there seems to be 6 large capacitors and one small capacitor that all show some type of "leakage" around their base. Each capacitor also looks like it overheated and some material was extruded. Could these capacitors be the cause of the board failure and if I replaced them do you think the board would actually work? I am tempted to take it to a board manufacturer and have new capacitors placed on it.
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Capacitors are a major cause of board failures.
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