asked Sep 3, 2012 at 10:36pm
Hp HP LaserJet 2100

HP 2100 no paper being fed through manual feed

Hey all,

Here's my issue with this ancient printer (HP 2100), which I've been tasked with fixing.

The printer is printing correctly, but the manual feed Tray isn't picking up any paper.
(Example) open the manual paper feed door, and manually attempt to get the printer to print a test page by pressing the two buttons on top at the same time. (The printer lights is green) The printer whirs up, and then it sounds like the rollers are turning, but the tray which the paper is sitting on doesn't drop down, and the very first roller in the front centre doesn't move at all. There is a loud clanking sound during this time and the tray actually jumps up and down slightly.
If one manually presses the manual tray down, and presses on the middle roller, it will do a single rotation, which pulls the paper through, and it prints successfully (the test page)

The printer isn't taking the paper in on it's own, and I'm trying to spot the problem part/issue, but to no avail yet.

Any thoughts or further clarifications needed?