asked Dec 14, 2002 at 10:59am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple laser writer squeaking and paper jam

I have an old Apple laserwriter II (circa 84-86), that is emitting a high pitched squeak and is having problems sucking in paper (paper jams). I am pretty sure the problem is with the top roller (where the paper comes out on top - with grey rollers) I have cleaned all the rollers and when moving that top roller with my finger i can get get it to stop sqeaking - but there doesn't seem to be any adjustment to keep it in one position - i would gues that it needs to have play in it?... If anyone can give me advice as to the next course of action i can try, i would appreciate it!! I can probably get some 2nd hand parts if needed as there is computer boneyard in my town.
Sounds like two different problems to me. There is a printer repair kit on this site for the pickup jam. Check to see if the PICKUP rollers are shiny first before ordering. See if that will work. However, I don't know about the top rollers "skweaking"
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Thanks for your advice... Are the pickup rollers the black plastic ones when you open the machine to access the toner cartridge? There are also gray rollers in between. They black ones are shiny - so I think i need to replace them...

I hear an audible chirp or squeak like something is rubbing, I am pretty sure the top is where it is coming from... Will try and fix the rollers first -
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i'm using the laserwriter select 360 printer which was kept long after the mac i originally bought it with was obsolete. it still works amazingly and is incredibly reliable. i noticed a squeaking noise recently, read your suggestions then cleaned all the black rubber rollers with a can of spray air and a barely dampened cloth (very lightly misted with water). i held each roller in place with the cloth while rotating each roller 2 or 3 revolutions. when i closed the printer cover and printed, 85\% of the noise had gone away. yeah! good luck.
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